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Security and Insecurities

A presentation by Hasain Alshakarti recorded live from LabCenters Mega Geek Week 2017. 

During this session we explore some news about PowerShell JEA and how important it is to embrace the JEA.

We also make sure to enable logging and tracing for what is running through powershell in our systems.

Learn even more!

When you have watched this video, make sure to learn even more from Hasain. Check out his security trainings in cybersecurity on LabCenters web.

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Hasain Alshakarti

IT Security & Network Expert

Hasain, also known as "the Wolf", is an industry-leading IT security expert, with a strong focus on networks, PKI, and certificates. He's a senior IT security consultant at TrueSec with deep experience from numerous design projects, audits, and advanced implementation projects and penetration systems testing.

Due to his expertice, he is a sought-after speaker and an extremely popular instructor at various events worldwide.


Connect on to Hasain on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter @alshakarti.

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