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Security & Compliance in Office 365 - what users do in SharePoint Online

A studio recordning with Göran Husman.

Security & Compliance in Office 365 - what users do in SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online, along with its sibling OneDrive for Business, is by default more open to sharing than you may think. For example, did you know that also site members can share the site, not only the site owner? How do you get control of such an environment? Why should you allow it?

In this session you will get an overview of these questions, and much more.

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To try new things hands-on is often the key to success. Göran is a truly appriciated instructor at LabCenter and runs a couple of hands-on-trainings that you should check out here.

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Göran Husman

Expert in SharePoint

A true computer nerd that started in the IT industry in 1978 as a programmer and a network administrator. Göran has been working as an independent computer consultant since 1989 at his company Humandata. In 2003 he switched his personal focus from his beloved Exchange to his new love: MS SharePoint! Since then he do consulting, training and writing about SharePoint day and night.


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