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Reduce the attack surface of your containers and clusters with Docker

A live recorded session from Öredev 2016 with Emil Kvarhammar, a top security consultant at TrueSec.

Secure Systems with Docker

With container solutions like Docker comes several opportunities, particularly in terms of bridging the gap between Dev and Ops. But there are also some security aspects and complexity to consider if you plan to use Docker in production - especially if you want to use it in clusters. 

You need to think about security in several layers, and it is not only about operations. You will see examples of security threats and mitigations when using Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, etcd and similar. Emil will teach you how you can reduce the attack surface of your containers and clusters, and design secure systems from the attacker's perspective.

Learn more about hacking and security

To try on your own is often the key to real knowledge. LabCenter have highly appreciated instructors that holds several hands-on labs in secure development that you can check out here.

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Emil Kvarnhammar

Security Software Engineer

Emil is works at TrueSec with security-critical projects, developing applications and components that are used by millions of users on a regular basis.

His areas of interest include secure software design, secure communications, security in mobile platforms and cryptography. Emil has found security vulnerabilities in Apple OS X, and loves digging into binaries to reveal their implementation details.

For new updates, follow him on Twitter @emilkvarnhammar.


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