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Secure Coding Patterns

A live presentation with Andreas Hallberg recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2015.

What is "secure code"?

This session will introduce you to a safe mindset when developing applications. You will learn how to make the concept of trust a first class citizen in your code, how to make validation enjoyable (ok, at least not insufferable) and know what to look for when reviewing code for security vulnerabilities. Secure coding patterns will make your code cleaner, more robust and less likely to cause your user table to end up on pastebin.

Learn even more after watching this video

Andreas runs hands-on trainings in Secure Development. Check out the trainings on TrueSecs webb!

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Andreas Hallberg

Cyber Security Expert

Andreas Hallberg is a Security Software Engineer at TrueSec. When properly warmed up, Andreas can talk at length about secure development, web vulnerabilities and practical applications of cryptography.

He happily participates in large security-critical development projects, software security reviews and penetration tests.

He frequently post updates on Twitter @andhallberg.


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