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The new cool feature in PowerShell: Nested HyperV

A studio recording with the eminent PowerShell-expert Thomas Lee.

A video about Nested HyperV

Thomas Lee talks about new cool features in PowerShell 5.

  • What is Nested HyperV? 
  • How do you use it? 
  • Why do you use it?

Learn even more about new features in PowerShell!

When you are done watching these videos, you might want to try the new PowerShell-feature as well. 

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Thomas Lee

PowerShell trainer, consultant and author

Thomas have a considerable background in IT, particularly the Microsoft Platform. He is highly active in the PowerShell and Lync communities over the years, and have been awarded 17 MVP awards.

Thomas specialties include Microsoft technologies, particularly the Windows Platform (Server and Client), Lync, AD, and PowerShell.

For Thomas latest stuff, follow him on Twitter @doctordns.


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