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Learn to understand, react and handle Cyber attacks

En inspelning från Dustin Expo 2018 med Hasain Alshakarti och Fabio Viggiani, Säkerhetsexperter på TrueSec.

Ready for cyber attacks

At a time when reports of cyber attacks raining tight, you need to understand what level of readiness and ability to handle attacks your business has. By learning more about different attacks and involved actors, you create the conditions for effective protection as well as a more accurate identification of future attacks. In this clip, Hasain Alshakarti and Fabio Viggiani from TrueSec combine examples of real attacks with a model that handles issues around, among other things:

  • What kind of attack should we expect?
  • What types of attacks can we handle?
  • What difficulties does an attacker encounter in our systems?
  • What ability do we have to see, detect and respond to attacks?

Lär dig mer inom Cyber security!

Hasain och Fabio är mycket uppskattade instruktörer på LabCenter. För att vidareutvecklas krävs det ibland att man själv testar hands-on. 

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