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Why and how hackers target endpoint, applications, and anti-virus

A live recorded session from Öredev 2015 with Marcus Murray, a top security consultant at TrueSec.

A live hacking experience

In this video Marcus will demonstrate the latest and greatest methods and tools used by hackers in order to break into your systems. An awareness session you don't want to miss. You will learn

- How hackers target endpoint and applications. 

- How they circumvent anti-virus.

- How they can compromise an entire enterprise without ever getting caught.

Learn more about hacking and cyber security

To try on your own is often the key to real knowledge. Marcus Murray runs several trainings and hands-on labs in hacking and security. Check them out!

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Marcus Murray

Cyber Security Expert at TrueSec

Marcus is Security Team Manager at TrueSec. In addition to his work designing secure infrastructures and implementing security functions, he also performs security assessments for a variety of clients, including banks, military organizations, and other large corporations.

He is frequently engaged as keynote speaker for Security Events and his focus is often security threats, vulnerabilities, and awareness, and how to implement countermeasures that work in the real world. Marcus is often rated top-speaker at tech-events worldwide.


Connect to Marcus on Linkedin or follow him on Twitter @marcusswede.

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