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How cybercriminals are hacking into networks and identify individuals

Watch this live recorded session from Öredev 2016 with Fabio Viggiani, a top security consultant from TrueSec.

You hold the keys to the kingdom - Developers under attack

You might have the keys to the kingdom and not even know it. 

This demo-based hacking session with Fabio will guide you through an advanced hacker attack showing how developers are becoming more and more valuable from an attacker's perspective. 

You will learn how criminals can steal the secrets you hold and why the security of your system can be critical to the entire organization. From penetrating the network to identifying individuals and installing keyloggers and backdoors, Fabio will bring his experience in advanced penetration testing to show you what a determined cyber attacker with a specific goal would do to your IT environment.

Learn more about cyber attacks, hacking, and hacker tools!

Fabio is a highly appreciated instructor at LabCenter where he hold several hands-on labs in haching and cyber security. Check them out here!

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Fabio Viggiani

Penetration Testing Expert

Fabio is the Technical Lead of Penetration testing at the security power house TrueSec. He has broad experience from penetration tests of banks, agencies and all sorts of enterprise customers around the globe.

His main focus is conducting and leading advanced penetration tests simulating APT's (Advanced Persistent Threats).

Fabio has a unique capability when it comes to getting an overview of an entire target environment and identify its vulnerabilities down to every detail.

Follow him on Twitter @fabio_viggiani for the latest updates.


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